The Water Cycle is a DIY jangle pop band from Boston that writes songs about being nervous, having crushes, and being nervous about having crushes.

Some reviews:

"The Water Cycle Falls in Love is a fun little ode to romance with the purest of intentions. The entire album feels like a collar tug and clearing of the throat on the way to prom...DIY pop takes on several faces in this EP – from lo-fi surf rock to twangy foot stompers, The Water Cycle Falls in Love demands for you to get up and jam along."

- Kara Kokinos, Allston Pudding 

"The Boston jangle pop trio manages to capture the sound of a sunny day on the EP—there is a laid-back, beach-basking slacker vibe, while cutting riffs act as a reminder that there is a real world beyond the shore... At their core, they’re really just fun. Bouncing bass lines and the ever-present surfy riffs combine to create a multilayered sound that still comes across as simple, sunny, and pleasant... Other Boys charms its way to the heart with refreshingly honest indie tunes, and ensures a promising future for The Water Cycle."

- Olivia Gehrke, Boston Hassle